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Fall 2016 Issue

Demeter in Kansas By Kate Duva

Second Prize, 2016 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
The key to her sultriness was her slowness, and the key to her slowness was her sadness — but when she was Lucinda la Miel, she forgot about all that. She gazed at the men in her audience as if…

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Requiem For All The Words That Didn’t Make It Into Tweets By Laura S. Distelheim

First Prize, 2015 Literal Latte Essay Award.
A gap year, he calls it because he’s learned to speak in tweets. So a gap year he says, at gatherings of his family and at reunions with his friends, and at the job interviews he’s been spending his days going on lately, where I envision bald and bespectacled men and staccato-speaking women sitting across their desks from him…

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Winter 2015 Issue

For Crows and Old Men By Denise DiMarzio

Winner, 2015 Literal Latte Food Verse Contest.
The same cloth has lain for years over the table in the kitchen
where he sits in a white T-shirt, his chin greasy from gnawing
the chicken crooked in the hollow between finger and thumb, bones
piled on a tin pie plate…

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It’s Getting Late for Brussels Sprouts By Denise DiMarzio

Winner, 2015 Literal Latte Food Verse Contest.
Glorious for weeks now, pale leaves shining green,
and at last the smallest of sprouts appearing —
sitting tight like tiny Buddhas on the stalks…

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Ode to the Radiator By Elisa Díaz Castelo

Second Prize, 2015 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
Called back
from sleep
and stilled,
I hear you…

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Self-Portrait as Kurt Cobain in Drag By Elizabeth Knapp

First Prize, 2015 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
In this self-portrait, Cobain is the personification of the speaker’s rage. His dressing in drag represents the gender fluidity the speaker feels 90% of the time, although this may be the result of exposure to certain polyurethane products,..

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Spring 2015 Issue

A Young Person’s Guide to Philosophy: I Think Therefore I Am, A Round-Up By Barbara Ungar

Second Prize, 2014 Literal Latte Poetry Award.
    Thales said the world floats like a log on endless water.
All things are full of gods.
                        Anaximander said we evolved from fish…

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Apple By Amy Glynn

First Prize, 2014 Literal Latte Essay Award.
In the beginning was the word and the word was… no. Wait. Before a word there is indrawn breath, inspiration, the original pregnant pause. Godhead, aleph, ein sof, unsounded sound….

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Fall 2013 Issue

With All the Trouble Jesus Went Through He Should at Least Get a Jelly Bean By Heather Tucker

Winner, 2013 Literal Latte Short Short Contest.
Dad’s taken Charlie ahead to ball practice while I continue to scour Sideline 22 for Mom’s uterus. Mom’s always losing something. I don’t mind being left to carry out search and rescue. I suck at ball. Besides, any minute now Lori Penter will be coming home from her piano lesson. She’s forbidden to talk to me on account of the holy war, but if she was allowed, she’d say hi — maybe.

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xem bóng đá trực tuyếnFall 2010 Issue

The Philosophers Club By Leslie Rodd

First Prize, 2010 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
In the shadows of early afternoon, on a day of breakthroughs, I’m standing with Smitty and Sonya in front of the Kansas Asylum for the Insane in Topeka, where we’ve come to visit Monica. It’s June, 1940. We graduated from high school last week — our ceremony cancelled because of the tragedy — and already we’re feeling old.

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