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Literal Latte Essay Award Winners

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Spring 2011 Issue

Addicted to Chad By Michael Varga

Second Prize, 2010 Literal Latte Essay Award.
When I was a child and my parents argued, my father used to escape to the basement and listen to his short-wave radio. Growing up in Philadelphia, I knew nothing of a wider world until I snuck down to the cluttered, messy cellar and eavesdropped behind the stacks of magic-markered wooden storage boxes and shelves of re-labeled peanut butter jars of nails and screws.

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Spring 2011 Issue

With These Shackles I Thee Wed By Cullen McVoy

First Prize, 2010 Literal Latte Essay Award.
It was a time when guys were cats, gals were chicks, the police were pigs, and spray-can graffiti said things like, “Up against the wall, Motherfucker!” [….]

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Spring 2010 Issue

Book of Hours By Gina P. Vozenilek

Second Prize, 2009 Literal Latte Essay Award.
The ground comfortable as any bed. A whistle of grass between your teeth. The green blanket tickling and sticking to your sunburned arms, your thighs, the fleshy backs of your hands where they cross beneath your head. A rabbit! An elephant . . . now a truck. There: a whale! The wind swells high overhead in the trees. You recline with all the world above you, all before you, fluid and beautiful and endless. You are six[…]

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Summer 2009 Issue

God of Books By Margi Fox

First Prize, 2009 Literal Latte Essay Award.
My uncle Henry Robbins was the God of Books. When a massive heart attack felled him at New York’s 14th Street subway station nearly three decades ago, he was also Dutton’s Editor-in-Chief. Others may have written the books, but he brought them full blown to life[…]

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