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xem bóng đá trực tuyếnFall 2008 Issue

Untitled By Emily Sorg

(Note: It’s not about the fat.)

I have found,
it is easiest to choose
nothing at all […]

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The Supper Star By Anne Shaw

Lay your plate in the grass,
your silver knife, your spoon. Position the fork, tines up
to comb the wind. […]

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March 2005 Issue

Waltz for Mind and Body By Diane O'Leary

I am the in here, I am mattering – mattering
born to the tempo of moments ago –
and ago I was too, I went lumbering order[…]

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December 2000 Issue

The Improbable Coming True Suddenly By Donna Steiner

Cats dream of fling, and of each other. Though light sleepers, their dreams have a complexity, and may have recurrent themes. Cats’ dreams are like collages, but are not surreal. They have special effects like slow motion, sophisticated nuances in lighting, and reverberant sound.

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May 2000 Issue

Please, Believe Me, Ms. Weber, I Do Care about Details By Marcella Spruce

True, I have twice faxed my resume,
dear Ms. Weber. I did not have the dates
precisely right. I hope this tiny error…

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December 1999 Issue

No Insect By Steve Westbrook

He spread poison in the yard:
snailbait and tanglefoot.
Sometimes he made me taste the pellets.

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July 1999 Issue

A Fairy Tale Dream By Kay Sloan

On the fence sits a cat with a cracked eye
staring down from its moony perch, inviting
the dreaming children down a path

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The Rug Pulled Out From Under You By Dick Allen

Small or large, it feels the same. What took
your feet once casually now takes your breath away,
but wasn’t it splendid when you rolled it out at first,
all that intricate design, the woof and warp…

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May 1999 Issue

Domestic Policy By Amy Lemmon

Peanut butter coats three of the good spoons;
a quarter-inch of cold Earl Grey stains the white insides
of my favorite mug[…]

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March 1999 Issue

Lunching With Lola By Penelope Karageorge

Just when frivolity’s demanded,
witty repartee glistening with well-voweled,
lipsticked words, why do I want to weep into
the soup? Lunch out makes me solemn…

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