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June 2000 Issue

Jury Duty By Tyler C. Gore

I knew it was a mistake to vote. There’s something un-American about voting, after all. I mean, sure, it’s great that we can vote, but to actually go through it — to get hold of one of those hard-to-find registration forms, fill it out, wait for your voting card in the mail and then show up on a workday at some high school you never heard of and stand on line to pull a lever on those ancient machines — well, if you ask me, it all smacks of some kind of nutty European socialism.

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July 1999 Issue

A Day at the Beach By Tyler C. Gore

On Thursday, I took a water taxi out to the Fire Island lighthouse museum with Lucy and her family. The museum was closed, but the park ranger was nice enough to let us in to watch a video about the lighthouse. “It’s very homemade,” she warned us as she popped it in the VCR, thus defusing my sneering cynicism before I could even get it started. Afterwards, Lucy and her family took the water taxi back, but I decided to walk, lured by rumors of a nude beach in the vicinity[…]

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March 1999 Issue

Dining in French By Patricia Lynne Duffy

One of the unifying features of domestic France is a network of window boxes that burst with cascading geraniums of the brightest pink. I have observed this window box network from the soft stone houses of Bordeaux in the south to the brightly beamed buildings of Brittany in the north, and have speculated that it might extend even further in all directions, and in fact connect all of domestic France….

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December 1998 Issue

Pictures in the Mud By Kay Sloan

One afternoon in late June, my three year old daughter skipped out of her playhouse with her toy telephone in hand and announced, “Mamaw has a new brother! And we have a new uncle! And he wants to talk to you! He’s sick….”

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July 1996 Issue

The Moa Stalker By John M. Edwards

In Auckland, New Zealand, I was roosting in the common room of this crap budget flophouse, perusing my guidebook and gearing up to fly to Fiji soon despite a recent military coup, when the heated roundtable discussion of the relative cleanliness and cheapness of Kiwi backpacker hostels was interrupted by a scruffy young dolebludger[…]

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June 1994 Issue

If Men Could Menstruate By Gloria Steinem

Living in India made me understand that a white minority of the world has spent centuries conning us into thinking a white skin makes people superior, even though the only thing it really does is make them more subject to ultraviolet rays and wrinkles[…]

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