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Lia Woodall is an emerging nonfiction writer recently transplanted to Houston from Denver. Her essay, “Torn in Two” can be found in Vol. 15 of South Loop Review: Creative Nonfiction + Art (Oct. 2013) (Best American Essays Notable and Pushcart Prize nominee). Her essay, “The Scream” was published in Issue 64 of Sonora Review (2nd Place, 2013 Essay Contest) (recently accepted for republication in an anthology on Suicide Loss, forthcoming). “Fallout: A Response to The Fourth State of Matter,” appears online in Issue 89 of Crack the Spine Literary Magazine (Nov. 2014) and was selected for the Winter 2014 print anthology. “House Keeping” was awarded 3rd place in The Big Read nonfiction short essay contest sponsored by Lighthouse Writers Workshop (April 2014). She is an inaugural Book Project member at Lighthouse Writers Workshop and a charter member of Salon Denver. Her memoir-in-progress is entitled: “Leaving Twinbrook: A Memoir of Duality". Her real name is Eolia, a Greek goddess of the winds. Sounds a bit glamorous, but in reality, it’s merely a bunch of hot air and more than enough vowels for a good yodel.

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Spring 2017 Issue

First Prize, 2016 Literal Latte Essay Award.
ellipsis (i?l?p.s?s)
n, pl -ses (-si:z)
A series of dots, typically three, that usually indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning…

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