Faith Shearin

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Fall 2018 Issue

Wild Horses

Third Prize, 2018 Literal Latte Fiction Award.
That winter, on our island, a flu arrived by fishing trawler; it was carried up the stairs of a cottage not far from our own on the hands of a visiting uncle, and soon all the Tillett daughters caught it: their faces flushed with fever, their lungs filling with fluid….

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Winter 2017 Issue

The Singing

The cottage had been built by my great grandfather
who sat alone, in the shade, dressed in work boots
and overalls…

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Winter 2017 Issue

Francis Glessner Lee

She loved miniatures: made tiny replicas of rooms
that captured her imagination, recreated
the stiff chairs, the oil paintings of angels,
a pair of wire-rimmed glasses on a bedside table….

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