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John F. Buckley and Martin Ott began their ongoing games of poetic volleyball in the spring of 2009. Since then, their collaborations have been accepted into more than seventy journals and anthologies, including Barrow Street, Drawn to Marvel, Map Literary, Rabbit Ears: TV Poems, Redivider, and ZYZZYVA, and gathered into two full-length collections on Brooklyn Arts Press, Poets’ Guide to America (2012) and Yankee Broadcast Network (2014). They are now writing poems for a third manuscript, American Wonder, about superheroes and supervillains.

Contributions by Buckley & Ott

Winter 2017 Issue

The Other Mutants

The bottom of Jacinto’s feet could suck up
the carpet lint, hinting at a career in janitorial
services, the promised spot at Xavier’s School

for Gifted Youngsters swapped for a space at
Ignatius’ Academy for the Otherwise Talented…

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