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By Rebecca Levéillé

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About Rebecca Levéillé

Rebecca Levéillé received her BFA from Pratt Institute and has been a guest speaker at Rhode Island School of Design and a guest artist by invitation to shows and events in cities around the world, including Melbourne, Paris, Nagoya, Osaka, Valencia, and Bologna.

Levéillé is influenced by the work of Gerda Wegener and Jim Shaw, along with painters such as Titian Fragonard and Vigee Lebrun.

Pastiche elements from iconic moments in history play throughout her work to manipulate the viewers expectation and identification of the moment. Through these fertile elements of symbol and sign, she creates a surreal stage in which to play out the performance of the dark and light of sensuality and sexual identity.

Levéillé's work is garnering ever growing praise.

Commenting on CRUSH, her 2017 NYC solo show at the Site:Brooklyn gallery (in collaboration with R. Michelson Galleries), Jerry Saltz called her painting “This” "very good," and Walter Robinson noted that "Somebody's Got Skills."

Art critic, poet, and historian Peter Frank writes of Levéillé's work:

"It is this refractive mindset, this looking at looking, that truly makes Leveille work modernist (or, if you would, neo-modernist). Clearly enamored of her subjects and clearly committed to the development of an increasingly rich palette and increasingly voluptuous drawing style, Leveille's is most interested in how to get these formal qualities to serve pictorial narratives without disappearing into them. That is, she wants to balance method and material, giving equal weight to what is pictured and to how it works as a picture. Form in Rebecca Leveille’s art follows fiction?and?function; as a result,?that art proves as bracing as it is enchanting."

A selection of Levéillé's works from CRUSH can be seen at R. Michelson Galleries until May 31st.

For all inquires, please contact

One Comment

  1. Andre Bleu
    Posted November 2017 at 10:03 pm | xem bóng đá trực tuyếnPermalink

    What stunning + beautiful paintings. She’s “got skills”… yep! But also what a unique combination of irony, vulnerability, sexuality and anger… this is what I come to art for, to (paraphrasing Kafka) find an axe to break the frozen sea within.

    I love, too, the way you almost effortlessly allude to whole genres of historical visual tropes….

    Thank you, Rebecca Leveille.These are remarkable works. I hope people keep paying attention to what you are doing. Your work speaks to these times, but not only to these times.

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