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By Aletha Irby

— for cab calloway, and for hepcats everywhere

when greymalkin fisticuffs and his sidekick gherkin fiddlesticks flanked by kinktail the celtic-knot-tailed tomcat minnie the moocher geechy joe and the hi-de-ho man jitterbugged out of tornado and tinpan alley frisking their whiskers all caterwauling showmanship beneath palm fronds bristling into snarls like rottweilers attacking canine cottonwoods fanged as that hurly-burly banshee the hound of the baskervilles hickory branches combative and massive as the duo-octaval span of fats waller's short-lived stridemaster fingers quipping and barking an irrepressible ain’t misbehavin' in a withershins world gone thesaural for wind harum-scarum a harmattan in manhattan a brickfielder togged to the bricks in brooklyn a bedouin habob in hoboken a helm of williwaw squalls in harlem a derecho in detroit a chinook to shank chicago a boogie-woogie barrelhouse bora in battery park coming on like gangbusters out of the frying pan into the fire we leapt with a full moon livid as pinchbeck or yolk all brandyfire and crème brulée so bedevilled were we by the manhattan mountebank of a mephistophelian chef from hell's kitchen that jerrybuilt our gimcrack ramshackle ramekins could no longer protect us from his conjuring up a tornado to wirewhisk gilhoolie and spatula us away from our downhome homebody ways comfortable as casseroles once he severed the chalazae which anchored us shattered our vitelline membranes fragile as verrerie and verroterie mongered our shells for cascarones and all out of countenance and context left us con abbandono unkitchenered and unintact as huevos rancheros in a typhoon blustered into an anemoi of omelette our boundaries churned into a topsy-turvy gustily gustatory vangoghian free-for-all of breakfast a voluptuous scramble of sunflowers stars and albumen flanked by scuppernongs scumbled as succotash hi-de-hoing and susie-q-ing in a joint-was-jumping speakeasy of a still life exuberant as satchmo upstaging the scuttlebutting sackbuts and their skrittering affricatives ballyhoo as the nicholas brothers leapfrogging over each other to land spatchcocked into splits on a spiral staircase bedazzling as bill robinson bojangling percussive zapateados on giant tomtoms jubilant and jamboree as cab calloway and his maxim-gun vocal chords scatting up a cyclone zoot-suiting away all consuetude all desuetude with duende with pizzazz with the daisy-mazey-crazy of his zaz zuh zaz
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About Aletha Irby

Aletha Irby is very grateful to have been granted this time, on this planet, to spend with the English language.? She has been published in Bearing the Mask: Southwestern Persona Poems,? 2017 Texas Poetry Calendar, Lady Blue Literary Arts Journal, Shot Glass Journal, and Main Street Rag.? She is currently in search of a publisher for her two books of poetry.? She is also writing an epic.

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