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By Matt Crump

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About Matt Crump

Matthew Crump is a cognitive psychologist by day, and a hobby painter and analog synthesizer enthusiast by night. He received his B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Lethbridge, in Alberta, Canada where he grew up, and his Ph.D. in Psychology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He became interested in painting during his graduate school days, and continues to explore colorful themes that blend elements of cartooning and graphic design with his interests in science fiction, spaceships, robots, dinosaurs, and Nintendo. He enjoys using sharpie markers whenever possible, and has developed a fondness for oil paints on wood paneling as his primary medium. Crump is now an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Brooklyn College of CUNY, and runs a research laboratory investigating cognitive processes involved in learning new skills. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and cat.

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